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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Be a Patriot; Lose Weight

Have you been listening to the news lately?  Healthcare cost in the U.S.A. is going up.  The biggest driver of healthcare costs is obesity of our population.  Matters not if you are not overweight, you have to pay premiums for insurance that covers those persons who are obese.  Does not sound fair does it?  The national price for goods or services is determined by the demand or need for that item.  If you are healthy, you may need few, if any, medication or trips to your doctor's office.  Someone overweight may need several kinds of medication and regular trips to the doctor depending on how long they have been carrying that extra weight.  Diabetes II is caused by overweight or obesity.  We should all support friends and family who are trying to lose weight or attain a healthy life, whether it is eating right, exercising, seeking balance of work and rest or other personal goals.  I consider you a patriot if you are concerned enough to do these things or support someone who does them.  The status of healthcare costs in our country merits effort by all of us to be patriots with a passion.  If you are doing something I have not listed, please let me know.
To your good health, joyduf. Godwin

Monday, November 29, 2010

Exercise Tips

Walking is good for all of your body, mind and spirit.  For localizing exercise on certain parts of your body, there are good suggestions everywhere.  For arms and upper body, use at least a 5 pound weight to lift out and straight up from your body.  Repeat this 10-20 times each session dependent on being a beginner or a regular exerciser.  Even if you walk, this is good for your upper body if you have excess weight there.  If you are under 50, you should be able to do push-ups.  Over 50 you get torso results with a floor exercise.  Sit flat on the floor and raise both legs so that toes are same height as your head and stretch your arms straight out and hold for 5 seconds.  Repeat 5-10 times.  Add a forward type plank lying flat on floor raise your full body until your knees are straight up above your heels; clasp your hands underneath your body and stretch your arms out straight.  Hold for 5-10 seconds at least 10 times.  For arms, legs and central body balance, place knees and hands on floor and lift right arm and left leg at the same time.  Do the same with left arm and right leg at least 5 times each session.  These are the exercises you can do at home on rainy or cold days.  Do not skip days that you cannot go out to walk or run.
The above exercises help with balance besides the circulation from brain to toes.  You can find other helpful advice at my website:
To your good health, joyduf

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Diets and Herbal Teas

Did you know that people who follow a Mediterrean type diet live 6 and more years than persons who do not?  This type of diet consists of whole grains, fruits, vegetables (especially greens), olive oil, fish and chicken.  For the best chance at great health...prepare your own food.  Most westerners are not willing to prepare their own food every day because of time constraints.  Choose the number of days your family can work together to prepare meals and buy fresh vegetables and fruits for those days.  Weekends are the time most families eat more meals together and 3 days eating healthy are better than none.  The whole family would probably lose unwanted pounds in the process if you do not have unhealthy snacks lying around.  Eating out all weekend always puts on pounds because restaurants do not major on cooking healthy.  The appearance of food and flavor are what sells.  If your family tries this, I would love to know how it worked out for you.
For anxiety or elevated blood pressure, steep some herbal tea.  Several have a calming effect.  Try chamomile, or any of the green teas instead of coffee in the morning.  A cup of fresh brewed tea gives some people a good start for their day whether it is fruit tea or one of the herbs.  Ginseng tea is a good energy tea and very good for you. 
Please leave a comment if you have found benefit from tea or the foods mentioned above. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Childhood Obesity - Who is Responsible?

Deciding who is responsible for childhood obesity is a complex problem.  A recent Act passed by the Senate of our country seems to place primary blame on school lunches.  This is something easily targeted by the ruling bodies because they have control over it.  But, HOLD EVERYTHING!  Where do these children eat the other two meals each day and most of their snacks?  Parents can still control what their children eat every day regardless of who controls school lunch menus.  The mandate is more fruits and vegetables and less sugary deserts.  That is very good indeed.  So, what if your child will not eat these the way they are prepared at school, or they do not like and will not eat the particular choices served in school lunches?  The ball bounces right back to parents.  If you are serious about your child's weight and health, you have the right to pack a lunch the night before and send it to school with him/her.  You surely know which fruits and vegetables your child will eat, right?  Send these to school with him because if you send something he doesn't like, he will most likely trade it to some other child who has something he does like.

What does your family eat at home?  This is a healthy life or early death activity every day in our homes.  Most parents do not consider this fact when they buy and serve food at home.  Check with the CDC and other health report sites on the computer to see if I am right.  A fast food and pre-prepared menu for your family every day will not produce a long and healthy life for them.  Here is a valid thought...fresh fruit and vegetables are expensive but medicine and doctor bills cost much more!  Don't forget the milk and whole grain cereals and bread.  These, together with the fresh fruit and vegetables, could negate the need for those expensive vitamins you give your child every day.

The time factor is also a problem these days with busy families going in myriad of directions each day.  If you are concerned about the health of your family, you can manage a good schedule for eating on these busy days.  When you cook a meal, cook enough for two days and reheat on that busiest day.  Or, when serving salads, give an assignment to more than one family member for preparation of different ingredients.  Find an alternative to cholesterol and fat laden snack foods.  Check next week's blog for item suggestions. can give you the starting point for weight loss.  A free BMI diagnosis.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Do you think about dieting or weightloss frequently?

Thinking about dieting or weightloss is a beginning!   Your brain and thought patterns are the precursors to action.  Tell your brain you want to begin a healthy lifestyle of eating right and exercise and repeat it as often as necessary to get going.  Tell yourself that you are going to the store and purchase fresh fruit and vegetables, then you will be more likely to do it.  Fresh vegetables can become salads, soups and many side dishes.  A few different vegetables eaten each day can do some great things for your body like provide the fiber needed daily and more nutrients than sandwiches or pizza, etc.  Fruits can do most of the same in addition to added energy and antioxidents.  Besides all these things, they are delicious!
If your are obese or overweight, do not starve yourself!  It is important to safely loose weight.  For faster weightloss, choose a diet plan that makes you drop pounds the first week of two.  Then, go to an every day, regular routine of eating healthy, nutritious food and your body will reward you with more feel good days than you have had in recent years.  For a faster diet: or more choices:, free first month.

To your good health, joyduf

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Have You Lost Any Weight Recently?

Weight loss is serious business!  Our nation is so loaded with overweight expense medical care for others sometimes has to wait.  Consider these diseases that are caused by obesity:
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Heart Disease
  • Cancer
These are not only the foremost killers, they are among the preventable diseases.  A large percentage of these diseases have their beginning with overweight.  Diet is usually cholesterol laden.  Do you know how much cholesterol is in the foods you eat?  Make a habit of reading labels if you want to be healthy.  It is a disservice to your body, your family and your devoted friends to be careless about your body health.  Your lifestyle and eating habits can prevent these killer diseases.
joyduf, click on weight loss.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Super Healthy

Exercise outdoors comes in many forms.  Your goal for weight loss or health maintenance will determine what you do.  Even bike riding can be done in hot weather if you do proper hydrating.  It does help if your rides are in shady wooded areas, but that is not possible in some cities.  Join a group for ultimate safety.  Marked bike trails are the very best for rides.  They give you safe routes and easy access especially for large groups.
Walking is still your best outdoor exercise for health maintenance.  For weight loss, the pace needs to be faster and preferably in more challenging terrain (up hill).  Long walks require good hydration the same as bikers.  Get a diet plan that gives you quick results if you are carrying 25 or more pounds before starting long hikes in hot weather.  Over-heating is not good.

How would you like to be in this kind
of good shape?  Biking is his choice of
outdoor exercise!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Heatwave Preventive Health

Do Not let-up on Walking and Exercise in hot weather! There are many places inside to stay fit.  Do your body-building routines in your cool home.  Many churches and community centers have walking and exercise facilities that are free or for a $5 or $10 annual fee for their records of use.  Many of the items we consume to keep cool add calories and cholesterol to our diet.  Google for the facility nearest your home or work to keep your program going during summer. Do not waste your good progress on weight loss and healthy living by stopping a diet or exercise routine in hot weather.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Weight Loss Good Sense

Diets are a necessity if you are carrying around 50 or 100 pounds of extra weight.  The sooner it goes the better chance at life you have.  After all diets have been tried, all research on what foods we should eat, there is a fact remaining...the majority of people in developed countries eat too much food.  There is no substitute for consuming less food if you have health problems already,or you are overweight.  Once a close friend of mine went for his physical and the results showed a developing problem.  He was given a diet plan that contained all of the good foods except desserts.  The big difference was that only about one third of the amount he was accustomed to eating of these foods was allowed.  None was to be fried and no desserts other than fruits.  If you are a dessert addict like this guy, keep a bowl of fruit handy, but again, note how much you consume.  Following the diet closely, he lost 30 pounds in about fifteen weeks.  However, if he goes back to his usual eating habits, that weight will come back usually in the same place he lost it unless exercise accompanies the diet
If you need to drop pounds quickly at first, then check this diet plan:  I do highly recommend the one mentioned above after you dump the dangerous amount you carry.
To your good health!  joyduf

Monday, April 19, 2010

Food Allergy Tip

Last week's food allergy tip omitted an important instruction!  If you are presented something to eat that you suspect will give you mouth ulcers or upset your stomach, be sure to take gensing before you eat.  This helps to reduce or prevent your reaction to that food.  If you swell instead of rash and mouth ulcers, you should stay away from that food because gensing is not foolproof for swelling.  That is much more serious.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Brain Food

Did you know walking outside gives your brain fuel?  The exercise increases your blood flow to the brain and supports neuron growth.  What would we be without neuron growth?  Certainly, no more than we are right now.  I don't know about you but I want to keep improving.  As you walk outside, you see many things that you unconsciously and consciously interact with. 
Walking or regular exercise routines are very important to controlling and maintaining weight.  Did you get your diet plan going right this year?  Remember your DIET PLAN needs to be accompanied by exercise to put that weight loss into muscle.  Be sure to read your diet plan's suggestions: joyduf

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Do you have health problems, weight problems (they are usually connected)? The research on health problems caused by overweight are very scary. There are self help solutions that will not involve those side effects associated with most prescription drugs. Most of these will not cost you your life savings to correct. Motivation to be healthy is primary. Life is so....much simpler and enjoyable when you can move like you would like ( dance, run, walk the dog or grandchildren, get into the clothes you outgrew 5 years back) or just walk without pain or effort. Take a look at this site to see if it might be your solution: You will be shown many choices, so check it out!  You can get a FREE,30 DAY TRIAL.  http:/

Monday, March 22, 2010

health tip

SLEEP! Get 7 or 8 hours every night if possible. I can tell the difference in strength and creativity when I do not get enough sleep. Don't do things that overly excite you or make you hyper just before bedtime. Exercise is good especially if you use a routine that makes you feel relaxed afterwards. Confidence is better when you feel good! You can have a better day. If you are short on energy, you may need a multivitamin. Check here for a natural vitamin:

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Diet Plans & Exercise

Have you gotten your BMI (Body Mass Index) from MarketHealth yet? It's FREE. This will give you a starting point for a diet plan this spring if you have pounds you acquired during winter. For better, safe results, choose a diet plan that has natural ingredients. Diet plans that are based on drugs are riskier for side effects, so you do not want that while dieting. Do not neglect nurishing foods in small portions while dieting and your multivitamin. Be sure to read all directions including exercise. Exercise can be simple, in-home routines for body areas that you want to improve if routines suggested are not convenient. You can get a diet plan FREE for 30 days at: You pay only for postage. No charges ever unless you order. A good natural multivitamin can be gotten from Shoot for good health this spring.
Happy St. Patrick Day, joyduf

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Women's Multi-vitamin

Ladies: After age 40, you need a multi-vitamin especially if you are not a careful, healthy eater. Vitamins made just for women are the best choice. One that supports your immune system, breast health, healthy skin,
and high levels of calcium and vitamin D. Women need a good formula in a multi-vitamin that supplies all of these needs. Don't neglect eating good healthy food but take advantage of a multi-vitamin for the minerals you miss in your daily diet. You can get a free bottle to try here:

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Diet Plan that works

Each time I leave the house, I encounter persons who are obese and it makes me afraid for them. The list of disastrous diseases that obesity encourages or causes is alarming. Loosing weight has to have a starting point. The best way is follow a diet plan that gives you some results the first day. Diet plans that are slow and do not show results sometimes cause desertion of the effort. Choose a recommended diet plan that works for you and you do not have to invest money until you know it works. Look at the ones offered

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Health Tip

Did you know ginseng can prevent ulcers in your mouth caused by allergic reactions? The medical community does not know this and when you ask your family doctor, he will tell you he never heard of it. About 90 years ago a family doctor told my mother to go to the woods and dig ginseng roots, wash and dry them and store in a dish in the cabinet. When she was having difficulty with food, she was to chew a piece of the root and swallow the juice. There was no such thing in the market at that time. Worked for her until she died 20 years ago. She could eat a few foods that were out of the question before. Now, you will have to go to the nutrition or vitamin store to get it.
To your comfort...less rash, stomach discomfort and mouth ulcers.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Joyduf Health Tip - Preventive Medicine

Preventive Medicine is not always a pill or a prescription. Do you love broccoli and asparagas? These two are nearly always on the list of vegetables for antioxidents. So, you don't love these two. Do not despair! There are delicious fruits and veggies to replace them. If you have acid allergies, you cannot tolerate these and many more recommended fruits and vegetables. Go to berries of all kinds. Cherries and blueberries are some of the best and they taste great. Other berries are also good and there are so many ways to eat them; top your cereal, dump a handful in your yogurt and make your desserts with them. Most all berries are great dried for snacks. Add these to your menu especially if you are dieting, no calories to speak of.

Health Tip - Preventive Medicine

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Free Diet Plan

I have another Free Diet Starter. This one to start your diet plan free. No charge except small shipping charge. You have 30 days to decide if this Diet Plan is going to work for you. We think it will, but you decide and let us know. If you don't buy the plan, you don't pay. No recurring charges unless you subscribe for them. Get started early this year at sid=11119. Good luck is sometimes found in motivation/determination.

Monday, January 4, 2010

I got back to my walking the first day of the year! Yeh! I feel better already just knowing I have begun the routine. I walk to prevent a couple of body problems. I do not have a weight problem, but exercise is good for your mind too. Preventive medicine is not prescriptions or supplements in the best sense. Preventing health problems is just being responsible for your own body.