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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Be a Patriot; Lose Weight

Have you been listening to the news lately?  Healthcare cost in the U.S.A. is going up.  The biggest driver of healthcare costs is obesity of our population.  Matters not if you are not overweight, you have to pay premiums for insurance that covers those persons who are obese.  Does not sound fair does it?  The national price for goods or services is determined by the demand or need for that item.  If you are healthy, you may need few, if any, medication or trips to your doctor's office.  Someone overweight may need several kinds of medication and regular trips to the doctor depending on how long they have been carrying that extra weight.  Diabetes II is caused by overweight or obesity.  We should all support friends and family who are trying to lose weight or attain a healthy life, whether it is eating right, exercising, seeking balance of work and rest or other personal goals.  I consider you a patriot if you are concerned enough to do these things or support someone who does them.  The status of healthcare costs in our country merits effort by all of us to be patriots with a passion.  If you are doing something I have not listed, please let me know.
To your good health, joyduf. Godwin