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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Super Healthy

Exercise outdoors comes in many forms.  Your goal for weight loss or health maintenance will determine what you do.  Even bike riding can be done in hot weather if you do proper hydrating.  It does help if your rides are in shady wooded areas, but that is not possible in some cities.  Join a group for ultimate safety.  Marked bike trails are the very best for rides.  They give you safe routes and easy access especially for large groups.
Walking is still your best outdoor exercise for health maintenance.  For weight loss, the pace needs to be faster and preferably in more challenging terrain (up hill).  Long walks require good hydration the same as bikers.  Get a diet plan that gives you quick results if you are carrying 25 or more pounds before starting long hikes in hot weather.  Over-heating is not good.

How would you like to be in this kind
of good shape?  Biking is his choice of
outdoor exercise!

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