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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Be a Patriot; Lose Weight

Have you been listening to the news lately?  All healthcare costs are going up!  One of the biggest drivers for healthcare costs is obesity.  Matters not if you are obese, you have to pay for everyone who is overweight.  Does not sound fair does it?  Our National costs for health, food and all merchandize you purchase is determined by the demand for the product.  If you are healthy, you need little medication or trips to your doctor's office.  A person who is obese may need blood pressure meds, diabetic supplies or medical help for weight loss.  All of these would be ongoing without good success with the weight loss.  Persons who lose to a normal weight usually no longer need their blood pressure medicine and may never develop diabetes.  We all need to support friends and family who are trying to lose weight and attain a healthy life.  With the status of healthcare costs in our country, I consider you a patriot if you work at a healthy lifestyle be it weight losseating right, exercise routine, balancing work and rest or whatever you are doing.  If I left out something you are doing, please tell me about it.
I am amazed at the young adults that are heavy or obese.  These are supposed to be the up to date,  on the go, informed part of our population.  Have they not heard?  Every 10 pounds extra weight they are carrying around (many 3 or 4 times 10) puts them at risk for 4 or 5 of the deadliest diseases of our century.  You  most likely will miss your child's high school graduation if you continue to carry the weight and add the extra 5 pounds commonly gained each year of adulthood without a lifestyle change.  We can carelessly be our own worst enemy with fast food and overeating.  I say prayers for some of my friends because I lost one of my dearest friends to cancer.  Hers was a genetic inheritance, but she is gone nevertheless.  Some of these dear people have 2 or 3 small children.  These children need their parents to grow old with them! 
Doom is not my favorite theme for blogging.  Hope some folks are listening though.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Healthy Living Group met for one semester.  Much fellowship and sharing was experienced.  I did learn that not a large crowd of people are interested in healthy living.  However, most of our group was willing to practice living healthy with exercise and food choices.  We also learned that you must work slowly and know your limits with exercise.  Nothing is your limit if you work up to it slowly.
Weather in my state is not conducive to outdoor activity at present.  Do not let unfriendly weather make you forget to get outside when it clears.  Fresh air and the outdoors are so good for so many parts of our bodies we want to get out there as soon as possible.  I can't wait until spring!
Good health to you.  joyduf