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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Health Check 2015

I.  Weight gain during the holidays?
     One pound

II. My personal exercise plan.
     Exercise is a necessity for every normal body.  Which exercises depends on the particular needs of your body, and sometimes your age.  I have no weight to lose so normal walking and stretching must be regular for me.  If you have arthritis or structure problems with hands, feet or limbs, exercise directed to those areas is a necessity.

III.  More fruits and vegetables in my diet.
       Every person needs a larger portion of fruits and vegetables compared to proteins and carbohydrates.  Any health problems you already have will influence your choices of food.  Some good choices:
       Carrots                            Apples
       Brown rice                       Oranges
       Spinach                           Blue berries
        Broccoli                           Cherries
        Sweet potatoes                Melons
        Dark leafy greens              Grapes
         Tomatoes                         Bananas
Of course, there are many more, but these are the most commonly available.

Fun is important to our minds and bodies.  This will vary greatly.  For a simple person like me, it does not take a blowout party to have fun.
        Breakfast with my best friends group
        Golf with my husband.
        Having my international group for dinner.
        Extended family lunch occasionally.
        Singing and worship at my church
        Growing plants in the summer.
           Having my grandson for the weekend

You see, my fun may be boring to some people, but it makes me very happy.  Happiness it very important for our minds and body health.  The number of bad things, stress and unhappiness does to us is serious.

Share your health plan with us for 2015.