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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Diets and Herbal Teas

Did you know that people who follow a Mediterrean type diet live 6 and more years than persons who do not?  This type of diet consists of whole grains, fruits, vegetables (especially greens), olive oil, fish and chicken.  For the best chance at great health...prepare your own food.  Most westerners are not willing to prepare their own food every day because of time constraints.  Choose the number of days your family can work together to prepare meals and buy fresh vegetables and fruits for those days.  Weekends are the time most families eat more meals together and 3 days eating healthy are better than none.  The whole family would probably lose unwanted pounds in the process if you do not have unhealthy snacks lying around.  Eating out all weekend always puts on pounds because restaurants do not major on cooking healthy.  The appearance of food and flavor are what sells.  If your family tries this, I would love to know how it worked out for you.
For anxiety or elevated blood pressure, steep some herbal tea.  Several have a calming effect.  Try chamomile, or any of the green teas instead of coffee in the morning.  A cup of fresh brewed tea gives some people a good start for their day whether it is fruit tea or one of the herbs.  Ginseng tea is a good energy tea and very good for you. 
Please leave a comment if you have found benefit from tea or the foods mentioned above. 

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  1. I also heard that tea helps in weight loss. In fact, there are many tea powders as weight loss products online.