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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Do you think about dieting or weightloss frequently?

Thinking about dieting or weightloss is a beginning!   Your brain and thought patterns are the precursors to action.  Tell your brain you want to begin a healthy lifestyle of eating right and exercise and repeat it as often as necessary to get going.  Tell yourself that you are going to the store and purchase fresh fruit and vegetables, then you will be more likely to do it.  Fresh vegetables can become salads, soups and many side dishes.  A few different vegetables eaten each day can do some great things for your body like provide the fiber needed daily and more nutrients than sandwiches or pizza, etc.  Fruits can do most of the same in addition to added energy and antioxidents.  Besides all these things, they are delicious!
If your are obese or overweight, do not starve yourself!  It is important to safely loose weight.  For faster weightloss, choose a diet plan that makes you drop pounds the first week of two.  Then, go to an every day, regular routine of eating healthy, nutritious food and your body will reward you with more feel good days than you have had in recent years.  For a faster diet: or more choices:, free first month.

To your good health, joyduf

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