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Monday, May 10, 2010

Weight Loss Good Sense

Diets are a necessity if you are carrying around 50 or 100 pounds of extra weight.  The sooner it goes the better chance at life you have.  After all diets have been tried, all research on what foods we should eat, there is a fact remaining...the majority of people in developed countries eat too much food.  There is no substitute for consuming less food if you have health problems already,or you are overweight.  Once a close friend of mine went for his physical and the results showed a developing problem.  He was given a diet plan that contained all of the good foods except desserts.  The big difference was that only about one third of the amount he was accustomed to eating of these foods was allowed.  None was to be fried and no desserts other than fruits.  If you are a dessert addict like this guy, keep a bowl of fruit handy, but again, note how much you consume.  Following the diet closely, he lost 30 pounds in about fifteen weeks.  However, if he goes back to his usual eating habits, that weight will come back usually in the same place he lost it unless exercise accompanies the diet
If you need to drop pounds quickly at first, then check this diet plan:  I do highly recommend the one mentioned above after you dump the dangerous amount you carry.
To your good health!  joyduf